This series is a collection of my artworks on the scars of the human body from the perspective of my observation and reflection on my own body as a female art worker. With much discussion going on in daily life as well as in the academic community, the human body is often perceived as the quantification and embodiment of multifaceted social factors such as power, class, aesthetics emotion, etc. As a result of the common mindset that the body is integrated into the mind as an organic whole ---- a mechanism for decision-making and involvement in life, most people tend to ignore the embodiment cognition and only distract themselves away from work to their body reactions when they get ill or even injured. Inspired by the observation and reflection on my scars on my own body, I have been trying hard to depict my sense and feeling of the pulse pumping and blood flowing in my body and I seem to have heard my voice from my own body.
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